SIX Rating

SIX Rating

New Generation of Reliable Ratings

Independent and AI-powered Bond Ratings

SIX Rating is a Swiss solution to rate creditworthiness of fixed income instruments leveraging cutting-edge technology based on Artificial Intelligence. Financial institutions benefit from lower-cost bond ratings and a faster time to market, all without compromising quality.

Our key differentiator is neutrality and transparency: SIX ratings are performed without any influence of external parties. The methodology is 100% based on public information and trusted licensed data providers. Our ratings follow IOSCO principles and we aim to become a FINMA accredited rating service provider.

How You Will Benefit

Cover Your Uncovered Assets

SIX uses a transparent rating methodology to provide a comprehensive and fully automated quantitative and qualitative credit risk assessment for issuers and investors. This enhances their internal risk management and decision-making process. The usage of state-of-the-art technology delivers credit rating and insights in near-real-time with regular updates.

The innovative service strengthens the Swiss financial center and supports the Swiss ecosystem for capital raising, especially small local issuers which are currently under-serviced. The bespoke solution covers both local and global markets and is highly scalable to other possible asset classes.

Currently, SIX Rating covers fixed income instruments listed on SIX Swiss Exchange, with expansion to other geographical regions to follow.

The new innovative SIX Rating service is a major step forward in strengthening the Swiss bond market.

Jos Dijsselhof, CEO, SIX

Want to Know More?

Do you want to see what the comprehensive credit rating reports look like, and how technology and rating methodology work in more detail? Contact us for a face-to-face meeting.

About the Service

SIX Rating offers financial institutions in Switzerland a neutral and transparent AI-enabled end-to-end service for fixed income instruments to enhance their internal credit risk management and decision-making process.

How It Works

Our web-based platform provides clients with a single access point to all relevant information about our rating service and handles the access management of all users within their organization. Alternatively, clients can seamlessly integrate SIX Rating data into their existing infrastructure via the Rest Application Programming Interface (API). Discover the main features of the rating service by SIX.


  • Qualitative and quantitative credit assessment of
    bond instruments
  • Real-time predictive ratings
  • Regular updates
  • Early warning indicators

Bond Research Reports

  • Fully automated end-to-end report
  • Comprehensive report with credit outlook
  • Granular risk assessment and factors influencing rating
  • On-demand research


  • Intuitive digital interface
  • Providing instrument-specific insights upon client request
  • Robo advisory service
  • Speed-up decision making

Insight Dashboard*

  • Instrument credit analytics
  • Macro and industry trends and sentiments in real time
  • Personalized market watch
  • Portfolio management and scenario analysis

*in development


Resources & Support

Our team will be happy to advise you and provide details on the SIX Rating solution.
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