Portfolio Construction - Building Efficient Portfolios

Portfolio Construction - Building Efficient Portfolios

The Main Ideas behind Building Efficient Portfolios

Portfolio theory analyses how wealth can be optimally invested in assets, which differ in regard to their expected risk and return. If you want to understand the main ideas behind building efficient portfolios, then this is the course you need.

Portfolio Construction - Building Efficient Portfolios
Target Audience This is an essential course for anyone how plans or is new to working in the financial industry and even more so, if you are working in Asset & Wealth Management / Fund Administration / Performance Reporting Function
Duration This is a 1-day course delivered as two 3 hours webinars on consecutive days.
Timetable 10:00-13:00

CHF 710

Location Online Webinar


Certification  SAQ re-certification,  Qualified independent wealth manager VSV
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