Capital Market Services for Your SME

Capital Market Services for Your SME

Services That Support You on Your Way to an IPO

Grow Your SME on the Swiss Stock Exchange

In order to further enhancing transparency in the Swiss public capital market, our digital catalog provides you with an overview of services that make your journey to listing your company on the Swiss stock exchange easier. The services help you get the most out of public markets.

The services outlined in our catalog are provided by expercienced third-party specialists and by SIX.

To stay abreast of your needs, we are constantly adding new services and providers.

Services for IPO Candidates

Our digital catalog provides an overview of all services available in the market which make the journey of getting your SME listed at SIX Swiss Exchange easier and help you optimize its listing.

  • Get all your questions answered directly through our personalized support service. Don’t waste precious resources browsing the Internet for answers. 
  • Discover and understand what your next steps need to be and how you can best master them.
  • Learn how public markets can help you fulfil your goals and find out what your next steps are. 
  • Find out how to make your IPO more efficient and effective.

Services for Listed Companies

Our digital catalog provides an overview of all services that help your SME to get the most out of public markets.
If you are new to the public market, we recommend you start by getting personalized support from our experts.

  • Get all your questions answered. Don’t waste your time browsing the Internet for answers.
  • Find out how to get the most out of public markets.
  • Learn about new regulations and market conditions that affect you.
  • Access the most pertinent information to help you to fulfill your duties.
  • Enhance your relationships with investors.
  • Be sure that you are up to date.
  • Stay abreast of all developments relevant to public markets and plan ahead.
  • Grow your network. Stay ahead by maintaining a close relationship with your peers and key stakeholders.
  • Enhance your visibility with investors, analysts and the media.
  • Boost your presence in the market to help you to be seen and heard.
  • Reveal your strengths.