Capital Market Services for Your SME

Capital Market Services for Your SME

Services That Support Your Growth

Capital Market Catalog

  • Our curated B2B Marketplace supports your company in raising external capital. The Marketplace helps you find, discover, and compare the best providers for the most relevant services around equity-capital raising.
  • The services are provided by experienced specialists. To stay abreast of your needs, we are constantly adding new services and providers.

Services for Every Growth Stage

Our B2B Marketplace helps you on your entrepreneurial journey, whether you’re just thinking about starting a business, looking to raise capital in private markets, planning a listing on the Swiss stock exchange, or seeking to raise follow-on capital on public markets for your listed company.

Services for Startups

  • Pursue your global ambitions and make a difference.
  • This section is curated by Venturelab, the Swiss leader in helping (prospective) founders to get off the ground, enabling start-ups to grow and empowering scale-ups to become global players.

Venturelab - World-class Startups. Swiss made.

Since 2004, Venturelab designs and operates flagship startup programs to support the best entrepreneurial talents. 90% of rising Swiss startups have been supported by Venturelab. Our alumni have attracted over CHF 5 bn investments and created 9,000+ active jobs. Together with successful founders, leading academic and industry partners, we bring the best startups to success. We’re here to help you find the best services for your specific needs.

Startup Desks

  • Get advisory and support for the challenges that your young company faces
  • Develop your product and deliver unique customer value with your startup. Learn to put together a winning team and an advisory board that will help you  grow.
  • Master a convincing pitch and secure funding from the right investors, develop exit opportunities and what you can do today to have an IPO readily available.
  • Deepen your knowledge about fundraising and learn about the different types of investors.
  • Improve your understanding of investors, financing terms, and the various financing options available to you.
  • Pitch your start-up and get immediate feedback.
  • Stand out from the competition by strengthening and spreading your brand.
  • Boost your credibility towards clients, suppliers, partners and investors.

Services for IPO Candidates

Understand whether your company is ready to go public, simplify the journey of getting your company listed at SIX Swiss Exchange, and optimize your offer to get the most out of your IPO.

  • Get all your questions answered directly through our personalized support service. Don’t waste precious resources browsing the Internet for answers. 
  • Discover and understand what your next steps need to be and how you can best master them.
  • Learn how public markets can help you fulfil your goals and find out what your next steps are. 
  • Find out how to make your IPO more efficient and effective.

IPO Readiness

  • Understand whether your company is formally ready to go public
  • Gain certainty on whether it is feasible for your company to enjoy the growth advantages that public markets offer
  • Know what valuation your company can expect as a public company
  • Optimize your offer to get the most out of your IPO

Independent IPO Advisory

  • Ensure flawless IPO execution and co-ordination of all workstreams with an experienced partner at your side, while retaining full control of key decisions along the IPO
  • Understand whether your company is ready to go public (IPO Readiness)
  • Optimize your offer to get the most out of your IPO

Equity Capital Markets Investment Banking    

  • Optimize your offer to get the most out of your IPO
  • Validate your offer with a representative set of analysts and public investors
  • Ensure high valuation, upward trend, and price stability by strategically allocating your shares
  • Place your shares with public investors
Legal Advisory
  • Understand whether your company is legally ready to go public and how to best close potential gaps.
  • Draft the prospectus and all other documents required for going public.
  • Understand your legal obligations as a listed company and know how to best mitigate your liability risks.


Services for Listed Companies

Get more out of public markets by enhancing your relationship with investors, supporting your liquidity, and knowing how to best fulfill your regulatory obligations.

  • Get all your questions answered. Don't waste your time browsing the Internet for answers.
  • Find out how to get the most out of public markets.
  • Learn about new regulations and market conditions that affect you.
  • Stay abreast of all developments relevant to public markets and plan ahead.
  • Grow your network. Stay ahead by maintaining a close relationship with your peers and key stakeholders.
  • Enhance your visibility with investors, analysts and the media.
  • Boost your presence in the market to help you to be seen and heard.
  • Reveal your strengths. 

Research Coverage

  • Boost your visibility in the market.
  • Get covered by professional researchers – many investors only consider companies that have research coverage when they make their investment decisions.
  • Help investors to conveniently access relevant information, reveal your strengths, and credibly reinforce your commitment to transparency by subjecting yourself to additional scrutiny in the future.

Fully-Fledged Research Reports

Concise Deep-Dives

Liquidity-Provisioning Contracts (Market-Making Contracts)
  • Ensure that investors can always sell and buy your shares at a price that reflects current market conditions.
  • Increase the liquidity of your shares, narrow the bid-ask spread, and reduce the number of trading stops.
  • Mandate a securities dealer to provide bid and ask prices.

Investor Communication

  • Enhance your visibility with investors, analysts and the media.
  • Boost your presence in the market to help you to be seen and heard.
  • Reveal your strengths.

IR Agencies

  • Develop and implement your company’s corporate communication strategy successfully.
  • Build high-quality relations with investors, media and the public.
  • Define and establish concepts for specific communications activities.

Website & Social Media

  • Develop a concept for your company’s digital communication and implement it.
  • Efficiently manage your company’s IR website and social media accounts.
  • Conceptualize, plan and implement campaigns on digital channels.

Corporate Reporting

  • Develop a concept for and create your company’s annual, sustainability or integrated report.
  • Capture your company’s essence with a unique design while fulfilling all regulatory requirements.

Webcasts & Teleconferences

  • Host interactive webinars and events for virtual and in-person audiences.
  • Effectively convey your company's message to your target audience, wherever they may be.

Annual General Meeting (virtual)

  • Hold your company’s annual general meeting in a hybrid or virtual manner while meeting all legal requirements.
  • Broadcast your company’s entire annual general meeting with an audio or video webcast.
  • Ensure digital voting and proxy authorization.

Annual General Meeting (physical)

  • Organize and hold your company’s annual general meeting efficiently.
  • Manage invitation and registration processes securely.
  • Ensure a smooth execution of the voting process.


  • Optimize the management of your relationships with investors, analysts and the media.
  • Ensure that your communication is reliable, trustworthy and consistent.

Investor ID & Targeting

  • Manage your company’s share register efficiently and in compliance with the respective legal requirements.
  • Get to know your company’s shareholders.
  • Find the gaps in your company’s investor base, identify potential new investors and engage with them.

Shareholder Identification

  • Know and understand your company’s shareholders, thereby ensuring the desired transparency in your shareholder base.
  • Manage your company’s share register efficiently.

Investor Targeting

  • Identify gaps in your company’s investor base.
  • Identify and engage with potential new investors.

ESG Services for Companies

Incorporate ESG into your company’s strategy, everyday business and corporate communications and generate value for your company, the environment and society as a whole.

  • Identify opportunities and risks arising from ESG for your company.
  • Develop an ESG strategy for your company and implement it.
  • Identify the right ESG frameworks and standards for your ESG reporting.
  • Identify the right ESG frameworks and standards for your ESG reporting and implement them successfully.
  • Take your sustainability report to the next level and integrate it into your company's annual report.
  • Identify, assess and manage the ESG risks relevant to your company.
  • Integrate ESG into your company's risk management.
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