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The Unique Platform for the Swiss Bond Primary Market

Deal Pool is a central and electronic support tool for the Swiss Franc fixed income primary market in Switzerland. The unique platform offers institutional investors and banks information about upcoming Swiss Franc bond offerings in a timely, standardized and convenient manner as well as the possibility to directly enter and manage orders within Deal Pool.

Read on to discover more benefits of Deal Pool. To receive information for new issues and subscribe and receive allocation for Swiss Franc Bonds in a digitized way you can register online.

Why Register to Deal Pool

Deal Pool Has Reached a New Milestone

A Unique Network for Issuers, Syndicate Banks & Investors

Deal Pool was developed by SIX Swiss Exchange in cooperation with the leading syndicate banks in Switzerland and is supported by a broad and established network that links the sell-side with the buy-side in a digital way. This facilitates a successful placement of new issues and an efficient capital raising process.

Syndicate Banks benefit from efficiency gains such as faster allocations by using the FIX interface; an XML Upload interface is also available via the Deal Pool GUI.

Registered investors receive important information related to new issues in a clearly structured and standardized format from a central source instead of multiple channels – so they will not be missing out on any new issue on the Swiss stock exchange.

Investors can subscribe and adjust their subscription in a very simple way via their GUI. With direct access to the primary market platform, each gets his own investor view with a 10 year track record that offers an enriched archive and in-depth analysis possibilities based on the available data.

Introducing the Deal Pool Investor User Interface

The introduction of Deal Pool has standardized, centralized and modernized the dissemination of information about bond emissions. As of October 2021, Deal Pool offers additional functionalities such as placing orders and receiving allocation for new issues of Swiss-franc bonds directly via the web-based portal. Discover the new functionalities in the following video.

For those unable to watch the video via YouTube, it is available to download here.

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Deal Pool was developed in cooperation with the following syndicate banks

  • Developing Deal Pool jointly with the leading syndicate banks and Buy-Side investors in Switzerland highlights how we can strengthen the competitiveness of the Swiss marketplace with innovative solutions.

    Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Deal Pool in Figures

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    Deal Pool is currently supported by 21 syndicate banks.
    200+ 200+
    Buy-side users from 205 different institutions have joined Deal Pool.
    700+ 700+
    Over 700 individual investors have already registered.

    Deal Pool Resources

    • Deal Pool Investor User Factsheet

      Deal Pool Investor User Factsheet

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    • Deal Pool Investor User Manual

      Deal Pool Investor User Manual

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    • Deal Pool Sales User Manual

      Deal Pool Sales User Manual

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    • Deal Pool Syndicate User Manual

      Deal Pool Syndicate User Manual

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    Bond Listing

    The bond segment of SIX Swiss Exchange is large and truly international. Issuers include sovereigns, supranational organizations, corporates and financial institutions from around 40 jurisdictions on all five continents. It comprises a wide range of instruments, including straight bonds, floating-rate notes, convertibles/exchangeables, asset-backed securities and loan participation notes. Issuers can also list debt instruments in all major world currencies.  

    A History of Innovation

    SIX has stood for innovation and stability on the global financial markets since 2008. Our strength is founded on our history: SIX was formed from the merger of experienced financial companies – with their beginnings going back to around 1930. We have pioneered the digitalization of securities in 1984 and were the first stock exchange in the world to introduce electronic trading with integrated settlement and safekeeping in 1995.

    The Future of Finance Is Now: At SIX, we come together with our clients to transform the financial markets of today. The finance industry is at a critical juncture and navigating through unprecedented change. At this tipping point, financial institutions are seeking out fresh thinking and thoughtfulness to drive opportunities for growth, while also relying on stability and certainty to navigate themselves through unforeseen challenges. We have the proven capabilities to deliver throughout times of change to ensure continuous innovation.

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    We are happy to answer your questions and guide you through the registration process.

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