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Cyber Security

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The Security Solution for the Swiss Financial Center

In recent years, financial institutions have had to deal intensively with the issue of cyber security: the cyber threat and data protection requirements are increasing while firms are under pressure to save costs. In this situation, more and more companies are transferring the security of their IT and networks to specialist firms. This allows them to achieve maximum security at reasonable and calculable costs.

SIX offers clients in the financial industry Managed Security Services (MSS) based on its own Security Operations Center (SOC). As the operator of the stock exchange, SIX has to be able to rely on maximum security. The SOC of SIX, therefore, satisfies the highest demands. The MSS offering of SIX gives small and medium-sized enterprises from the financial sector access to a highly professional security solution that only big firms can afford to develop.

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SIX is a long-established partner of the Swiss financial industry and has proved itself in a highly complex and constantly changing regulatory environment.

Data Security

Data remains with the client; only security incidents are passed on for analysis, but data remains in Switzerland at all times.


The service is based on a modular structure that allows more flexible and lower cost adjustment to suit the respective client’s requirements. It accurately conveys security elements that are most needed.


Switzerland lacks the human resources for every bank and insurance company to operate a SOC around the clock, and the shortage of suitable personnel in cyber security is getting worse.

Why You Should Care about Cyber Security

1,765 1,765
Globally there were 1,765 registered cyberattacks on companies that involved the theft of 2.6 billion data records in 2017.
191 191
According to an IBM study, the average time taken to identify data theft is 191 days, with another 66 days to respond to it.
94 94
Swiss companies are a popular target. The number of incidents is on the increase, up from 3 to 94 between 2005 and 2017.
90% 90%
A report from IBM concluded: "Financial institutions should expect 90% more security events and 50% more attacks than average."

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