Digital Risk Monitoring

Digital Risk Monitoring

Tracking Your Tracks.

In Good Hands in the Event of Security Incidents

SIX monitors the digital footprint of your organization and your partner firms. This holistic analysis comprises three aspects. Firstly, the technology, for example, cloud storage, the entire enterprise network and Domain Name Servers (DNS), patching, source codes and programs. Secondly, the human aspect: employees and partners, social media behavior, credentials and darknet crawling. Finally, it encompasses organizational topics such as domains, sub-domains, roots, your shadow IT, and brand, reputation and geo risks.

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About the Service

Enterprise Monitoring
Enterprise monitoring addresses the digital risks of your own organization or domain. It takes the technological, human and organizational dimensions into account.

Third Party Monitoring
This variant is used to monitor the digital risks of third parties. A holistic approach is applied that incorporates the technological, human and organizational dimensions.

Risk Prediction
SIX benchmarking provides you with information on how your company’s digital footprint compares with that of other market participants in the same sector.

Risk Rating
All identified risks are reported and evaluated transparently in a risk list prepared specifically for you.

Asset Discovery and Management
Dynamic asset discovery and management of the global IT infrastructure across the entire company: domain, sub-domain, roots, IPs.

Shadow IT
Identification of hardware and software within the company that is not operated by the IT department.

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