Incident Response Support

Incident Response Support

Every Second Counts.

Eliminate Security Incidents Quickly and Professionally

Security incidents cannot always be prevented. However, you can handle them in a professional manner. The Incident Response Support at SIX helps you minimize the duration and damage of a security incident as well as prevent the attack from spreading. The Incident Response Team at SIX consists of certified and experiences security experts. It is available 24x7x365 because in the case of an attack every second counts.

Our crucial goal is to analyze, limit and eliminate detected security incidents as soon as possible so that your systems can normally operate again.

Your Benefits

The Service

No matter whether you provide the Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) yourself or purchase the SOC as a Service from SIX. The SIX incident response team supports you with the analysis and resolution of incidents. This can also be on your premises if required.

Incident Response Interventions Readiness
Experienced security response managers are ready round the clock to provide you with competent support in case of emergency.

Process Optimization and Adjustment
Once a threat has been identified, it has to be overcome. Optimized and in particular up-to-date processes play a central role here. Existing processes are tested by means of changes provided by you on a monthly basis. Possible adjustments and supplementations are identified.

Emergency Management
Specific emergency plan can be developed as an additional project. We conduct a test together with you on a monthly basis on how the emergency plan is functioning in a given scenario. Possible adjustments and supplementations are identified.

In order to state what happened in case of a security incident, we support you with an analysis.

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