Security Operations Center as a Service

Security Operations Center as a Service

From the Financial Sector for the Financial Sector.

Trust SIX with Your Security

Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service collects and aggregates security events and netflow data on customer premises from the local Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) system. SIX identifies threats in near real time based on the implemented use cases and forwards identified or suspected anomalies (incidents) to the SOC, where they are analyzed around the clock. If the SIX security analyst confirms the anomaly, a recommended course of action is presented to the customer immediately. The SOC at SIX is compliant with FINMA monitoring requirements and the SWIFT Customer Security Program.

Your Benefits

We can assess attacks in a more intelligent, swift and precise manner. Working steps which would normally take half an hour are implemented automatically. An analyst can therefore better focus on the investigation.

Thomas Rhomberg, Head Security Operations & Transformation at SIX

The Service

  • Finance-Driven Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Use Case Library
  • Swiss, Global, Finance-Driven Feeds
  • Incident Response Platform
  • Customer Interaction Platform
  • Managed SIEM/Bring Your Own SIEM
  • Basic Digital Risk Monitoring

The Security Solution for the Swiss Financial Center

The SOC enables banks and insurance companies to concentrate on their core business. In this way, SIX makes a significant contribution to making the Swiss financial centre safer.


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