Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Keeping the Threat Situation Under Control.

In Good Hands in the Event of Security Incidents

Viewed in isolation, the results of a vulnerability scan are generally not very meaningful. With this in mind, the comprehensive reporting engine at SIX compares your results with information from countless other scans. SIX can therefore alert you to serious vulnerabilities at an early stage and respond to them.

A further benefit is that you can define the frequency of the scans (weekly, monthly) and tailor them optimally to your specific needs. It goes without saying that you can also order additional scans at short notice if a vulnerability is suspected.

Your Benefits

SIX seeks to ensure the best possible protection for both itself and the system-critical Swiss banking infrastructure by identifying relevant security incidents at an early stage.

Thomas Rhomberg, Head Security Operations & Transformation

The Service

In consultation with SIX you define various types of internal and external vulnerability scans and how often they are to be carried out. SIX correlates the results using its proprietary reporting engine, evaluates them and informs you immediately in the event of an increased threat situation.


  • Remote Scan
  • Onsite Scan
  • Port Scan
  • Vulnerability Scan


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