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For strong financial market participants

Our products and services support banks and all other financial market participants in boosting their efficiency and ability to innovate.

For the efficient implementation of regulation

With a comprehensive product and service offering, we help financial market participants meet regulatory requirements efficiently.

For technological innovation

Our vision: enabling the use of new technologies for our customers as quickly as possible – creatively and without compromise, with innovative products and fresh ideas.

For modern payment solutions

We aim to offer all consumers the best payment solutions regardless of the situation.

Financial technology at the highest level – efficient, secure, stable. This is what SIX stands for. Thanks to our infrastructure, Switzerland is now one of the highest-competitive financial centers in the world. Which is how things should stay. As such, we are moving forward with innovative developments for the Swiss financial center and making a strong case for FinTech in Switzerland.

The Swiss Value Chain

Since 1996, the Swiss Value Chain has enabled the straight-through processing of trading in a security executed on SIX Swiss Exchange. Several process steps are necessary until the securities purchased have been entered into the buyer's custody account and the payment has been credited to the seller's account. SIX manages the entire value chain from order entry through to central safekeeping. The Swiss Value Chain was an absolute first in the mid-1990s and is still one of the most secure and reliable systems worldwide today.



Exchange members send their buy and sell orders to SIX’s electronic trading platform. Trades are executed automatically in accordance with precisely defined rules.
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Trading parties deposit collateral at SIX’s clearinghouse. SIX acts as the central counterparty between buyers and sellers and guarantees the settlement of outstanding claims.


Two days after the trade takes place on the securities exchange, SIX automatically and irrevocably delivers the securities and executes the payment.
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Centralized electronic custody of securities facilitates administrative services such as carrying out equity splits, capital increases and dividend payments.

Swiss ICT Award 2016

SIC4 is an innovation project offering absolute precision in terms of time and budget. It is the first payment system of its kind in Europe to combine the latest software technology, ground-breaking hardware security and a global benchmark standard in order to facilitate the development of digitisation in the finance industry and make payment transactions cheaper and more secure for all stakeholders in the Swiss market.

SIX bears great responsibility for the Swiss financial industry. We have set ourselves the target of strengthening the FinTech scene in Switzerland and, in doing so, helping the financial center continue to move forward.

Switzerland's digital future

A study conducted by the EPF Lausanne on behalf of SIX and Swisscom


The Swiss economy is one of the most competitive in the world. In order to meet the challenges of increasing digitalisation effectively, it needs to take action.

Read here what is needed to move Switzerland into a successful digital future on the world stage.

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The network infrastructure forms the basis for all digital solutions and is the driver of all technological advances.

The ICT infrastructure in Switzerland is highly competitive. However, mobile broadband usage is constrained by strict regulatory requirements and the associated costs.
The EPFL study also identifies room for improvement in the fintech segment.

Digitalization introduces new data protection challenges.

Switzerland is currently ranked in the top three countries for server security. It has an excellent reputation globally for responsible data management and effective data protection. According to the EPFL study, Switzerland is therefore ideally positioned to become a global "safe haven for data" and a prime location for "big data" centres.

The Swiss economy has a reputation for being exceptionally innovative. But entrepreneurial spirit is in short supply.

Start-ups experiment, use new methods and cutting-edge technologies. But there is no start-up culture in Switzerland comparable with that found in the US, for example. The EPFL suggests to improve the environment for start-ups through financing and taxation.  

Open data is data that anyone can access, use, or share. Sources vary and include governments, scientific organizations, media and businesses.

Promoting open data models will make Switzerland a more attractive location for developing new digital business models. Overly rigid regulations can hold back this development. The pace of digitalization within public services should be increased.

Digital literacy is the foundation for establishing and developing digitalization in any society.

According to the EPFL, programmes to promote digital literacy, and deliberately shifting services to digital channels are equally beneficial. The study also suggests to simplify or renew immigration rules for highly qualified individuals, trainees and start-up companies.

"Financial technology will radically change our lives."

Susanne Chishti is the CEO of FINTECH Circle, the first European angel investor network to focus on fintech. She is the co-editor of The FINTECH Book, the 1st book on the global fintech sector.

"We have to do more than we did in the past to address young people."

Talented IT specialists are in high demand. Hamiyet Dogan, Head Divisional HR Consulting, explains how SIX uses special events such as the SIX Hackathon for targeted employer branding purposes. 

"SIX will assume a leading role in the digitalization of finance."

Christoph Birkholz, co-founder and managing director of the Impact Hub Zurich, on innovation through collaboration and the partnership with SIX.

"It requires a clear commitment from the politicians in Berne."

Thomas Sutter, Deputy CEO of the Swiss Bankers Association, on the framework conditions for FinTech in Switzerland and on how and why his association is giving its support to it.

"Hackathons are no guarantee for successful innovations."

Jonathan Isenring and Rasmus Rothe are co-founders of HackZurich: the team of students and graduates from Zurich universities has staged the biggest Hackathon in Europe for the second time.

"Technology sets limits for us while at the same time opening up solutions."

Benjamin Weber, an information technology student at ETH, is passionate about taking part in hackathons. At the #SIXHackathon 2016 Paymit workshop, he and his "TipIt" team were prizewinners.

SIX recognizes relevant technologies and makes them usable as quickly as possible. We develop innovative solutions in collaboration with our clients.

"Building confidence is tough for start-ups. Established financial market participants like SIX can help."

Ivo Ronner is part of the core team in the F10. Over a seven-month period, he supported four young ETH graduates forming their first start-up within the hosted start-up programm of SIX.

"My vision is for SIX to establish itself as an enabler in the FinTech field. We are predestined for this."

Andreas Iten, who is responsible for technology innovation at SIX and Executive Sponsor of the F10 Incubator, speaks about the opportunities presented by FinTech.

"We want to create a place of work that is different from a normal office environment."

The young architects' practice Daluz González & Cajos is using simple methods to turn the F10 SIX FinTech Incubator into an innovative ideas workshop.

"It can be very liberating to simply be able to step outside of your day-to-day work and be part of something new."

Getting the ball rolling, encouraging people’s sense of curiosity, and discovering new things are what drive Jasmin Novotni. She is one of more than 50 innovation legionnaires at SIX.  

"Programming is a creative process: in a short time, something brand-new and usable is created from nothing."

Géza Mihala and his team won the SIX Hackathon 2015. In early July, the software developer was one of the first to move into the SIX Fintech Incubator.