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For strong financial market participants

Our products and services support banks and all other financial market participants in boosting their efficiency and ability to innovate.

For the efficient implementation of regulation

With a comprehensive product and service offering, we help financial market participants meet regulatory requirements efficiently.

For technological innovation

Our vision: enabling the use of new technologies for our customers as quickly as possible – creatively and without compromise, with innovative products and fresh ideas.

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We aim to offer all consumers the best payment solutions regardless of the situation.

The Swiss Value Chain

Since 1996, the Swiss Value Chain has enabled the straight-through processing of trading in a security executed on SIX Swiss Exchange. Several process steps are necessary until the securities purchased have been entered into the buyer's custody account and the payment has been credited to the seller's account. SIX manages the entire value chain from order entry through to central safekeeping. The Swiss Value Chain was an absolute first in the mid-1990s and is still one of the most secure and reliable systems worldwide today.



Exchange members send their buy and sell orders to SIX’s electronic trading platform. Trades are executed automatically in accordance with precisely defined rules.
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Trading parties deposit collateral at SIX’s clearinghouse. SIX acts as the central counterparty between buyers and sellers and guarantees the settlement of outstanding claims.


Two days after the trade takes place on the securities exchange, SIX automatically and irrevocably delivers the securities and executes the payment.
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Centralized electronic custody of securities facilitates administrative services such as carrying out equity splits, capital increases and dividend payments.

Swiss ICT Award 2016

SIC4 is an innovation project offering absolute precision in terms of time and budget. It is the first payment system of its kind in Europe to combine the latest software technology, ground-breaking hardware security and a global benchmark standard in order to facilitate the development of digitisation in the finance industry and make payment transactions cheaper and more secure for all stakeholders in the Swiss market.

SIX recognizes relevant technologies and makes them usable as quickly as possible. We develop innovative solutions in collaboration with our clients.