I would like to be part of something new.

Jasmin Novotni, innovation legionnaire at SIX.

Getting the ball rolling, encouraging and developing people’s sense of curiosity, and discovering new things are what drive Jasmin Novotni. The Austrian works for Payment Services in Vienna and is one of more than 50 innovation legionnaires at SIX. She talked about her experience in an interview:

What are your tasks as an innovation legionnaire at SIX?

An innovation legionnaire basically has three core tasks: first, motivating colleagues and promoting their ideas in the company. Second, elaborating ideas in so-called innovation sprints. This is where small interdisciplinary teams seek solutions to existing challenges in a particular business area and already develop a first prototype in this phase. And third, keeping my eyes and ears open to innovation across the company.

What motivated you to sign up as a legionnaire?
My line manager told me about the program and suggested I sign up as a legionnaire. As I like to try out new things and rise up to challenges, I immediately told him I would. I was driven by the possibility of making something happen myself and of promoting the ideas of people who until recently had barely seen any possibilities for changing things in their working environment.

What were the first things you learned as a legionnaire?
My first sprint was one of the most valuable things I ever learned. It can be very liberating to simply be able to step outside of your day-to-day work and be engaged in an unusual and open environment and not always have to think in terms of risks and costs. I believe that doing this would do a lot of people some good, even if they are not legionnaires. And it was twice as exciting for me as I focused my sprint on a topic that I have absolutely nothing to do with in my everyday work. This has certainly been very thought-provoking and has really helped me in my daily work routine.

What would you like to achieve as a legionnaire?
I would like to be part of something new, accumulate new experience, and learn about things that I have nothing to do with in my usual environment. And being able to combine this with driving the company forward and bringing my colleagues some relief in their everyday work is an additional plus and motivates me even more.