Take back your time and automate shopping!

Take back your time and automate shopping!

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Why? Why?
We believe there is a better way to spend everyone's time by eliminating the time it takes to go shopping.
How? How?
By creating a future where households take care of the people who live in them.
What? What?
A world where intelligent assistants, smart kitchens and the connected home will know you and order from your favourite merchants automatically based on your preferences.

For Users

We build a platform which connects you and your devices with all the merchants you like and lets you automate the ordering and delivery. Sign up to be an early adopter and help up to test the product.

For Merchants

Offer your products on the platform where customers and devices can automate their weekly shopping list!


For Transport

Ready for the next logistic challenge?

For IoT Manufacturers

Do you produce smart kitchen devices and want them to be able to order goods? Contact us!

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Are you a merchant, logistic company or IoT devices manufacturer?

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