SIX develops and operates infra-structure services for the Swiss financial center and Swiss banks in the areas of payment services, securities, financial information and digital infrastructure with the aim of increasing efficiency, quality and innovative capacity along the entire Swiss banking value chain.

Business Units

SIX offers products and services for securities trading, stock market transactions, financial information and payment transactions in four business units: Securities & Exchanges, Banking Services, Financial Information and Innovation & Digital.

SIX in Figures

1.94 bn 1.94 bn
CH was the operating income of SIX in 2018
2.88 bn 2.88 bn
CHF was the group net profit of SIX in 2018
2,594 2,594
employees in 20 countries work at SIX
70.8 % 70.8 %
market share of trading in SLI stocks (average)
610.5 mn 610.5 mn
interbank clearing transactions were settled by SIX in 2018
32.4 mn 32.4 mn
financial instruments are in the database of SIX

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