Driving Insights with Data

Driving Insights with Data

The Future of Finance is Now

Data, The Future of Financial Information

As the backbone of the Swiss financial industry and a global provider of financial information, SIX must not only understand the potential effects and relevance of the current developments but also the future of financial information itself. Although the future of financial information is perhaps unsurprisingly data, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. The type and volume of data is set to change dramatically. Beneath the surface, a lot is changing too.

Financial data links the global financial value chain. It underpins all processes, front-to-back office systems and workflows. High-quality financial information can be the competitive advantage that takes businesses to the next level.

Data, The Future of Financial Information

In the course of our research, we have identified five future scenarios that we think will be of interest to strategic decision-makers in the financial information infrastructure and service space. Besides a most likely scenario, we have found several alternative scenarios that could have a substantial impact on the financial information infrastructure.

Future Scenarios:

Freedom to generate, right to control, and ability to monetize financial information

Middle- and back-office consolidation in finance

Extreme consolidation in infrastructure

Extreme protectionism

Crypto-assets everywhere