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New Listings

The information included herein does not constitute an offer or solicitation to invest. SIX Swiss Exchange assumes no liability as to the completeness or correctness of the information. Please read our disclaimer.

First Trading DayProduct NameValorCurr.UnderlyingMarket Maker(s)Mgmt Fee p.a.
04.02.2016Vanguard Global Liquidity Factor UCITS ETF (USD) Acc29'226'476CHFUnknownSociété Générale0.220%
04.02.2016Vanguard Global Minimum Volatility UCITS ETF USD Hedged Acc29'226'467CHFUnknownSociété Générale0.220%
04.02.2016Vanguard Global Momentum Factor UCITS ETF (USD) Acc29'226'495CHFUnknownSociété Générale0.220%
04.02.2016Vanguard Global Value Factor UCITS ETF (USD) Acc29'226'482CHFUnknownFlow Traders B.V., Société Générale0.220%

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