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Customer Indices

The Ethos Swiss Corporate Governance Index measures the performance of SPI components under the constraint of Corporate Governance best practice. The Index objective is to reduce some of the governance risks which are generally not taken into account in most benchmarks.
The Raiffeisen Repo Index Domestic family tracks the performance of the bonds contained in the bond basket of the Swiss National Bank, which forms the basis of Switzerland's monetary policy.
The SBI® Foreign Government AAA-BBB 1-15 encompasses all CHF denominated bonds of foreign issuers, which are included in the SBI® and fall into the category Government. This index includes only bonds with a maturity of between 1 and 15 years.
The SIX Structured Products Strategy Indices enable investors to perform a transparent comparison of the performance of the main three categories of structured products as set out under the Swiss Derivative Map.
The SWX IAZI Swiss real estate indices are based on the Laspeyres formula and a pool of transaction data. They are published quarterly.
The objective of the Crypto Market Index10 is to reliably measure the performance of the largest and most liquid crypto assets and tokens and provide an investable benchmark for this asset class.
The prices for the crypto assets and tokens are obtained from multiple exchanges.