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Index Overview

The index offering from SIX Swiss Exchange includes various stock and bond indices as well as a variety of strategy indices. Under the label SMI Indices®, SIX Swiss Exchange offers access to a wide range of investment classes through its standardised indices and expanded strategies.

The SMI Indices® are attractive benchmarks for the Swiss market and are used both as underlyings for index-based products, such as ETFs, fund solutions and structured products, and for activities in the portfolio management process. The SMI, the most important equity index in Switzerland, is part of the SIX Swiss Exchange offering.

All SMI Indices® rely on a rule-based, transparent methodology. For every index, the rules are defined in the regulations for that index and can be viewed there. 2014 SIX Swiss Exchange announces its compliance with the International Organization of Securities Commission's (IOSCO) Principles for Financial Benchmarks for the SMI Indices®.

In addition to the SMI Indices®, SIX Swiss Exchange also develops individual index solutions. These are shown as customer indices in the following overview.

Index type Index Methodology Factsheet
Equity Basic SMI® Family
 SPI® Family
 UBS 100 Index
 SXI Special Industry Indices
 SXI Switzerland Sustainability
 Swiss All Share Index 
 Investment Index 
Real EstateSXI Real Estate All Shares 
 SXI Real Estate Broad
 SXI Swiss Real Estate
 SXI RE Selected Funds Index 
Strategy SPI Multi Premia
 Leveraged Indices
 SPI Select Dividend 20
 Dividend Point Indices 
 SMI Risk Control
Swiss Reference RatesSwiss Reference Rates
Bonds SBI®-Family

Customer Indices

Index type Index Regulations Factsheet
Shares Ethos Swiss Governance Index 
 SWX IAZI Real Estate Indices 
Bonds Raiffeisen Repo Index Domestic 
 SBI® Foreign Government AAA-BBB 1-15  
Other SIX Structured Products Strategy Indices 
 Crypto Market Index 10 

Information about all SIX Indices

Description Download
All indices calculated by SIX
List index-based Products
Overview Index Data Packages
Glossar new reports
Current list of divisors
Non-dissemination days equity & bond indices
Non-dissemination days Swiss Reference Rates

Access provisions for index data

The use of SMI Indices and their registered trademarks as well as the access to restrictive index data are governed by a licensing agreement. Further information on how to request for a license can be found here.