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SXI RE Selected NAV/Eq Wght

The SXI Real Estate Selected Funds NAV/Equal Weighted Indices (former DB Rüd Blass Immobilienfonds Schweiz Index) mirrors a maximum of 10 largest Swiss real estate investment funds. The index was standardised at an initial baseline level of 100 as at February 1960 and calculated originally on an annual basis but, as of April 1982, is now computed monthly. The SIX Swiss Exchange (SSX) has been calculating the index on behalf of Deutsche Bank every three minutes since 1 July 2001. As per September 30 2016, SSX takeover the indices in its Index offering.

While the NAV-weighted index takes into account the size of the real estate investment funds, the equal-weighting index calculates the arithmetic mean value of the various funds included in the index. Adjustments to the index are normally made two times a year on the first trading day of January and July.

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