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Equity Basic

The SIX Swiss Exchange offers a wide array of stock indices. Apart from renowned indices such as the SMI®, SLI® and SPI®, it also calculates various other industry-, sector- and customer-specific indices.

The SMI Family is comprised of companies with high liquidity. As a blue-chip index, the SMI is Switzerland's most important stock index. The SMI Family also includes the SMI MID and the SMI Expanded.
The Swiss Leader Index comprises the 30 largest and most liquid shares in the Swiss equity market. The index weighting of the four stocks with the largest market capitalisation is capped at 9%, while the weighting of the other stocks is limited to 4.5%.
In order to qualify for the SPI Family, the number of freely tradable outstanding shares of a given stock must be at least 20%. The SPI is Switzerland's most closely followed overall market index. The SPI Family also includes the SPI EXTRA and the SPI ex SLI.
The UBS 100 Index represents the 100 largest Swiss stocks in the Swiss Performance Index SPI® measured by market capitalization. The Swiss Performance Index SPI® covers all domestic and foreign companies with a primary listing.
The SXI Special Industry Indices are specially selected sector indices. These sectors have been selected mainly due to the international and domestic significance of the specific sector as well as the number of companies listed on SIX Swiss Exchange that are representative of the industry.
The index is built out of the SMI expanded. A total score is derived for each company provided by a third party research provider. The higher the score, the more sustainable the company. The best 25 companies are selected.