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Investment Index

This index of investment companies comprises all investment companies listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. These companies are not included in the SPI® so as to prevent securities held by investment companies from being counted twice. Like all SIX Swiss Exchange equity indices, the Investment Index is free-float-adjusted. The Investment Index was first calculated as a performance index and as a price index on 01.07.1998. The dividend-corrected index (IGSTR) was standardised at 1000 points, the price index (IGSP) at 100 points. The two indices are calculated every three minutes.

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Index information
Rulebook governing Equity and Real Estate Indices
All indices calculated by SIX

Index composition
Current index-composition and divisor with adjusted closing prices from the most recent trading day
Index composition and divisor from the most recent trading day

Historical index data
Historical closing prices Investment Index (PR / TR)