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SMI Expanded®

The SMI Expanded comprises the SMI and the SMIM and hence the 50 most highly capitalised securities in the Swiss equity market. It represents about 95% of the capitalisation of the freely tradable shares of the Swiss equity market and is calculated both as a performance index and as a price index. show more

Product Information


Index information
Rulebook governing Equity and Real Estate Indices
SMI Family factsheet
Equity index selection list
All indices calculated by SIX

Index composition
Current index-composition and divisor with adjusted closing prices from the most recent trading day
Index composition and divisor from the most recent trading day

Historical index values
Historical closing prices SMI Family Indices (PR / TR)

Legal notice

SMI®, SMIM® and SMI Expanded® are registered or pending trademarks of the SIX Swiss Exchange. Licensing is subject to a fee.