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SXI Special Industry Indices

The SXI Special Industry Indices are specially selected sector indices. These sectors have been selected mainly due to the international and domestic significance of the specific sector as well as the number of companies listed on SIX Swiss Exchange that are representative of the industry. These indices satisfy a growing demand on the part of foreign institutional investors to participate in this segment of the Swiss equity market. They will also increase the attractiveness of the SIX Swiss Exchange as a stock exchange for companies in these sectors. This index is a platform for companies and a benchmark for investors.

Index information
Rulebook governing Equity and Real Estate Indices
Factsheet SXI Special Industry Indices
All indices calculated by SIX

The sector universe of the SXI Life Sciences consists of pharmacy, medical technology and biotechnology. In addition to the companies from SXI Bio+Medtech, the index also considers companies from the pharma sector.
SXI Bio + Medtech is the more focused index than the SXI Life Science and comprises the biotechnology, advanced medical devices, medical supplies and healthcare sectors.