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SARON Compound Rates

This website contains all index relevant information which is only available with a valid license agreement. Further available index information can be found here.

Compounded SARON data Historical Rate/Index values Latest Rate/Index values
SARON 1 week Compound Rate
SARON 1 month Compound Rate
SARON 2 months Compound Rate
SARON 3 months Compound Rate
SARON 6 months Compound Rate
SARON 9 months Compound Rate
SARON 12 months Compound Rate
SARON 1 week Compound Index
SARON 1 month Compound Index
SARON 2 months Compound Index
SARON 3 months Compound Index
SARON 6 months Compound Index
SARON 9 months Compound Index
SARON 12 months Compound Index
SARON Compound calculation matrix  
SARON 1 IMM Compound Rate
SARON 3 IMM Compound Rate

Legal notice

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