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Website adjustments

Based on client feedback, SIX has taken measures to further standardize the provided reports. The harmonization efforts have the goal to align the small differences in the existing formats of today's files.

Generally all whitespace was removed around the semi-colon delimiter. While there are no changes planned to the column order and the headers of the close and open files, the header rows of the historical index value files were aligned.

Herewith we provide you with a few representative samples in order for you to assess if you are affected by any changes. The provided Files contain purely sample data to illustrate the format and must not be considered productive by any means.

The complete set of standardized files will be productive on 25 November 2019.

 Bonds sample file
Swiss Bond Index – SBI
Equities sample file Swiss Performance Index – SPISIX Divisor fileHistorical Index
Value file
SXI Real Estate Indices
Close PR
Open PR
Close TR
Open TR