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Stage offers: success through proactive presence

The Stage Program offers you a number of services. Choose the appropriate one for your company and benefit from informative workshops, comprehensive research coverage and market data and key information at a glance.

Information, Education, Network

Our Information, Education, Network service supports you in organizing your "Being Public" in a simple, focused manner. This includes information on regulatory developments, updates and statistics on trade, individual workshops and training, and access to a wide network of financial experts and investors. Plus, you can also take advantage of the personalized service provided by the Issuer Relations Team of SIX Swiss Exchange.

The Factsheet

The Factsheet is prepared by Morningstar and includes the following minimum, which is updated for you on a regular basis:

  • Detailed description of business activities
  • Key figures: sales, EBITDA, EBIT, net profit (no estimates)
  • Performance

The Research Report

With the Standard, Premium and Deluxe offers, you benefit from a professional, independent research report comprising the following minimum elements:

  • Investment case
  • Rating (estimate)
  • Housekeeping information, e.g. number of shares, ticker, shareholders
  • Description of the segments in which your company is active
  • Evaluation and explanation of the approach and the peer group (as needed)
  • Financial model with three annual estimates and at least three years of history
  • Derivation of the estimates

The report for your company will be fully integrated into the existing research product portfolio of the banks and released in their publication language. The Research Report is distributed and marketed by the banks and thus has a broad reach to professional investors.

us if you are interested in participating!