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Needs-oriented listing standards – tailored to your requirements

A listing at SIX Swiss Exchange offers various regulatory standards that take into account your company's specific requirements.

Equity issuers can, for example, choose between the International Reporting Standard and the Swiss Reporting Standard. In addition, there are specific admission standards for investment and real estate companies as well as for collective investment schemes. You can benefit from the following advantages:

  • No quarterly reports required
  • No explicit obligation to maintain insider lists
  • Listing documents can be submitted in German, French, English or Italian

The chart shows which listing standard most closely matches your company's needs.

International Reporting Standard

A company that uses IFRS or US GAAP is classified under the International Reporting Standard.

Swiss Reporting Standard

A company that uses Swiss GAAP ARR or the standard according to the Banking Act is classified under the Swiss Reporting Standard.

Standard for Investment Companies

Suitable for companies that are vehicles for collective capital investment and serve the purpose of generating interest income and/or capital gains.

Standard for Real Estate Companies

Suitable for companies drawing at least two-thirds of their revenue from real estate activities.

Standard for Depositary Receipts

This standard is used for the listing of depositary receipts/global depositary receipts (GDRs).

§ Detailed information can be found in the Listing Rules.