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CONNEXOR Distribution

CONNEXOR® Distribution provides the issuer with the option of a standardized capture of reference data for non-listed instruments and ensures their global distribution to various market participants.

CONNEXOR® Distribution is the central interface for capturing and transmitting reference data of financial instruments which are not listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. Reference data is captured electronically directly at the source and subsequently made available in a standardized form to a large number of data consumers without any changes to the content. The need for data reconciliation and costly maintenance of various different interfaces for the distribution of reference data is eliminated.

Fast and global availability of reference data

CONNEXOR® Distribution is web-based and available to issuers for capturing and maintaining reference data. Both national and international data vendors are available to globally distribute this data and ensure that issuers can provide their usual recipients with this data in good time. Numerous market participants such as financial institutions, investors, technology partners, public authorities and other reference data users are already connected to the CONNEXOR® infrastructure and further market participants can be connected. The table below shows the services currently available via CONNEXOR©.

Service RSOT*
Listing at SIX1
Settlement at SIX SIS2
Data Opening at Bloomberg4
Collateral Secured Instruments (COSI) Service by SIX6
Bilateral Trading (XBTR) at SIX7
PIB Documentation by SIX8
PRIIP/KID Documentation by SIX9
Suitability Check by Investment Navigator101
PRIIP/KID Documentation by Cleversoft102
XDL Settlement at SIX103
Data Opening at WM Data105
Data Opening at Refinitiv108
Risk Assessment by Edge Laboratories110
Customized Solutions by Move Digital113
Data Opening at SwissQuant115
Listing at BX Swiss123

*Requested Service Offering Type (CONNEXOR attribute)

High-quality and flexible validation

Comprehensive validation rules ensure that the data entered is of the best quality. Reference data is only transmitted after syntactic and semantic verification. CONNEXOR® Distribution offers flexible validation rules depending on the requested service.

Customized data distribution

CONNEXOR® Distribution allows issuers to capture customized data in Custom Data Blocks. The Custom Data Blocks are distributed to only the market participants selected by the issuer.

Standardization and Automation

Data entry via CONNEXOR® Distribution can be either manual, semi- or completely automated. Because reference data is fully digitized and standardized after input, the distribution of data is managed without media breaks and thus completely error-free.

For more information on the connectivity, please contact us at .

Usage Agreements and SLA

To take advantage of CONNEXOR® Distribution, participants must have concluded a usage agreement with SIX Exfeed Ltd.

Description Download
Usage Agreement CONNEXOR® Distribution
Provisions CONNEXOR® Distribution


CONNEXOR® Distribution Application «Internet Based Terms (IBT)»

SIX Exfeed Ltd and SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd are authorized to involve third parties (a.o. Derivative Partners Ltd) for the preparation and management of the core data and for the calculation of key- and liquidity figures and transmit the data which has been entered into the CONNEXOR® system to such service providers. SIX Exfeed Ltd and SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd as well as the involved service providers (a.o. Derivative Partners Ltd) forward all transmitted information in regard to CONNEXOR® in an unmodified manner to the MDDX (Multi-Dimensional Data fluX) unless an adjustment or addition appears necessary in order to support new versions of the data interface or for other technical reasons.