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CONNEXOR Events simplifies the timely transmission of financial instrument event data to fulfil reporting obligations. Issuers can also use this service to transmit payment instructions for listed and unlisted instruments.

With the use of CONNEXOR® Events, issuers comply with their reporting obligations in connection with instrument events on a timely basis. In this case, official notifications are automatically generated and transmitted depending on the recorded. That means, there is no need to manually enter official notifications or to notify the exchange by telephone in case of a delisting due to a barrier event.

First-class data quality

CONNEXOR® Events eliminates media breaks in the internal organization and guarantees original event data, which automatically update existing term sheets. This results in both up-to-date term sheets, considerable efficiency gains and cost reductions for downstream data consumers.

CONNEXOR® Events Factsheet[pdf]


CONNEXOR® Events Application «Internet Based Events (IBE)»