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CONNEXOR® Listing simplifies and accelerates the process of provisional admission to trading of financial instruments. Thanks to the quick and simple admission process and high data reliability issuers will realize considerable gain in cost efficiency.

With CONNEXOR® Listing, issuers can electronically or manually enter applications for provisional admission of their financial instruments to trading via a validating interface - online, at any time and wherever they are. Based on this data, SIX Exchange Regulation, the Admission Board of the SIX Swiss Exchange, examines the applications. Through CONNEXOR® Listing, issuers can directly contact the Admission Board and interactively process their applications and, if necessary, correct them or have them reviewed.

Financial instruments can be traded immediately

CONNEXOR® Listing accelerates the admission process. Financial instruments can be traded immediately after approval of the application for provisional admission, as of a specified date, or from the next trading day. SIX Swiss Exchange is one of the few trading centers worldwide offering issuers a web-based registration of their products for trading.

Usage Agreements and SLA

To take advantage of CONNEXOR® Listing, participants must have concluded a usage agreement with SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd.

Description Download
Usage Agreement CONNEXOR® Listing
Provisions CONNEXOR® Listing


CONNEXOR® Listing Application "Internet Based Listing (IBL)"

SIX Exfeed Ltd and SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd are authorized to involve third parties (a.o. Derivative Partners Ltd) for the preparation and management of the core data and for the calculation of key- and liquidity figures and transmit the data which has been entered into the CONNEXOR® system to such service providers. SIX Exfeed Ltd and SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd as well as the involved service providers (a.o. Derivative Partners Ltd) forward all transmitted information in regard to CONNEXOR® in an unmodified manner to the MDDX (Multi-Dimensional Data fluX) unless an adjustment or addition appears necessary in order to support new versions of the data interface or for other technical reasons.