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CONNEXOR Numbering

Securities numbers at the click of a mouse.CONNEXOR® Numbering is the central reservation tool for Swiss securities numbers and International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs). This fully automated allocation process increases the quality of data entry and increases cost efficiency.

Until now, issuers of financial instruments could only reserve Swiss securities numbers and ISINs with SIX Financial Information via e-mail. While mass reservations for these numbers were possible, the responses to the issuers had to be entered manually and also sent by e-mail. This both resulted in time delays in the process and caused extra work related to the manual processing on both sides of the interface.

Accelerated subscription process and simple administration

With CONNEXOR® Numbering, issuers can automatically procure securities numbers and ISINs for their financial instruments at any time and wherever they are. The subscription process is reduced accordingly. Issuers can opt to receive individual securities numbers and ISINs or in batch (pooling). They no longer need to keep a cross-off list.

CONNEXOR® Numbering Factsheet[pdf]


CONNEXOR® Numbering Application