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Participation Conditions

The COSI service is based on the "Framework Agreement for Collateral-Secured Instruments" that the issuer and the collateral provider conclude with SIX Swiss Exchange and SIX SIS.

Framework Agreement Documentation Download
Framework Agreement with Swiss guarantors (version 1/2017)
Special Provisions Governing Collateral-Secured Instruments
Information Sheet for investors


The issuer, collateral provider, and market maker may be legally separate companies. With regard to the collateralization of certificates, the collateral provider must in all cases fulfill the following special conditions:

  • legally domiciled in Switzerland
  • authorized as a Swiss domestic bank or Swiss domestic securities dealer; and
  • participant in SIX SIS.


The application for collateralization is submitted to SIX Swiss Exchange via CONNEXOR in conjunction with the request for a COSI to be admitted for trading.


Market Making

The issuer undertakes to post ongoing bid prices for the COSI in the secondary market (market making). A Market Making eement must therefore be concluded with SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd.

Market Making Agreement[pdf]

Service Guide

ServiceGuide COSI[pdf]