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“Lebensraum Metalli” vision takes shape

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Zug, March 12, 2020

“Lebensraum Metalli” vision takes shape

Zug Estates and the City of Zug present the first results of their joint “Lebensraum Metalli” planning process

Preserving what is tried and tested while simultaneously creating lots of space for new ideas – that sums up the basic idea behind the design chosen for the “Lebensraum Metalli” complex in the heart of Zug, a concept developed on the basis of an analysis of urban planning variants conducted by the City of Zug and Zug Estates, the owner of the property. The results of the competition represent the first step in a multi-year joint development process by the authorities and the building contractor.

At a joint press conference held today (Thursday), Zug Estates and the City of Zug presented the jury’s favourite study on the future design of the Metalli/Bergli site, which covers a total area of around 60,000 square metres. The winning study was submitted by the planning team comprised of Hosoya Schaefer Architects, NYX architectes, Lorenz Eugster Landschaftsarchitektur und Städtebau and the Zug-based office of Teamverkehr.

The results of the work done by the three teams that entered the competition can be viewed at the Metalli shopping centre during the next few weeks.

Ideas suggested by the people of Zug incorporated

The area around the Metalli shopping centre is both a central point along the route between Zug and Baar and also an important functional urban space for the people of Zug. To ensure that it can continue to perform this task in the long term, the site’s development is to be coordinated carefully over the next few years in line with the overall development of the City of Zug. The tasks assigned to the three planning teams not only included the requirements set by the authorities and the owners of the properties, but also factored in the concerns and wishes of the people of Zug, which had been voiced last summer during a three-week dialogue process in the arcade of the Metalli shopping centre.

The urban planning concept presented by Hosoya Schaefer’s team proposes keeping the majority of the buildings that currently surround the shopping centre. These include the core structures of the current buildings, some of the glass-ceilinged arcade, which runs parallel to Baarerstrasse and is currently lined with shop fronts, as well as the building on the eastern side of the neighbourhood along Industriestrasse and the UBS building at the southern end of the complex. A new residential building, which will be no more than 70 metres tall, is to be built at the corner of Baarerstrasse / Metallstrasse. Additional storeys will also be added to several existing buildings in a way that is compatible with urban development. Overall, more space is to be created in the square for apartments, hotels, offices, restaurants, shops and other uses tailored in part to public interests.

Spatial rearrangement and the demolition of some existing buildings will give rise to a new town square on Baarerstrasse along the route between the train station and the Metalli complex that offers space for a wide range of uses. Existing courtyards on the eastern side of the property and at the UBS building will be upgraded both functionally and structurally. The redesign of the Bergli portion, specifically of the area currently housing the Parkhotel, will take place at a later point in time. Residence Park, which is situated adjacent to this site, was included in the process simply for the purpose of determining whether and when it should be redeveloped, however no decision has been reached on the matter yet.

Upgrading of outdoor spaces

One defining feature of the new overall concept for the “Lebensraum Metalli” complex is the upgrading of outdoor spaces, which will feature more extensive greenery throughout every square and along the pathways connecting these areas. Even the rooftops are being incorporated into this contemporary outdoor space concept, some of which are being made publicly accessible, which was a wish expressed by the people of Zug. The general concept of glass-ceilinged shopping arcades, which is well-loved by many, will be retained and even expanded in other areas. The network of pathways will be optimised improve the site’s access to and from urban areas.

Gradual implementation over the next few years

The winning design submitted by the team led by Hosoya Schaefer Architects will be used to create a reference project that will then serve as the basis for a later development plan. Since this phase of the process will take around two years, the first steps of the construction phase can only begin in 2023 at the earliest.

Renovation work on the eastern portion of the site, “Bergli”, will be planned at a later point in time.

For additional information: www.lebensraum-metalli.ch

Download picture: https://cloud.creafactory.ch/index.php/s/s699fPieL82JhHs

Comments regarding the visualisation provided by Hosoya Schaefer:

Important: this is not a construction project. The current planning work forms the basis for a development plan that specifies the legal framework for the future implementation of the Lebensraums Metalli complex. Only once the development plan has been drafted and approved will the sub-projects be designed and implemented in stages.

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April 7, 2020 | General meeting of shareholders

April 15, 2020 | Cash distribution to shareholders (Payment Date)

August 28, 2020 | Publication of the 2020 half-year report

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