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In France, Application Notice n°95-959 for High Beds has Been Published in JORF

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SG 02320 Bunk Beds

The JORF application notice relating to the application of decree n°95-949, relating to the prevention of risks resulting from the use of bunk beds intended for use in domestic or contract environments, has been published.

This application notice refers to the updated version for “Mezzanine” beds (fixed-base mezzanine beds located more than 600 mm from the ground with a base width greater than 120 cm and a base length greater than 150 cm) NF D 62 100-1 :2019 and NF D 62100-2:2019. The standard reference for bunk beds and high beds (internal length greater than 140 cm and a maximum bed base width of 120 cm) remain the same – EN 747-1+A1:2015 / EN 747-2+A1:2015.

Modifications related to NF D 62 100-1 :2019 and NF D 62100-2:2019, compared to the previous version from 2010, will have an impact on products. The main modifications are:

  • Most of the wording has been reviewed and homogenized with the EN 747 wording
  • The scope now includes beds with a bed base height of more than 600 mm, compared to 800 mm in the previous version
  • The requirement about “May harm the user” has been clarified
  • The finger entrapment requirement is now based on CEN/TR 13387 and product accessibility product has been defined
  • If the product is fixed to the wall, stability and strength testing have to be performed, taking into account how it will be used
  • Creation of a requirement concerning the means of access by a platform
  • Most of the requirements have been aligned with EN 747

Don’t forget, the publication of the “brush decree”, n°2019-1007 published on September 30, 2019 harmonizing the regulatory provisions relating to the safety of certain non-food products, modifies administratively decree n°95-949.

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Next Step

The products designed in the references were published in the JORF by the notice of September 19, 2015, which can be put on the market within one year from the publication of this notice and marketed when stock lasts.

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