20.04.2020 – SGS AG

Sustainability Case Study: We Create Value to Society by Helping to Enable a New Era of E-Mobility

Society is entering a new era of e-mobility, the move toward the use of electrically powered vehicles (e-vehicles). This has been encouraged by a need to mitigate the effects of climate change as well as increasing urbanization and digitalization. Our e-mobility test center in Germany is helping car manufacturers in Europe to develop affordable, safe and practical e-vehicles that will decrease fossil fuel dependence and help them to meet EU targets for reducing CO2. emissions.

Located south of Munich, the laboratory occupies 4,000 square meters and employs 40 SGS experts. It supports original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers with a wide variety of testing services, including:

  • Battery testing
  • Electronic and electromechanical component testing
  • Safety and functional testing
  • Environmental simulations

This test center is one of three e-mobility labs operated by SGS in Europe.