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If you intend to use, publish or redistribute market data you can find the currently valid contractual documents and other useful information on the table below. The conclusion of the SIX Exfeed Data Distribution Agreement (DDA) is the basis for obtaining market data from SIX Swiss Exchange. You've got the choice to either source the Information directly from us or indirectly through an information provider. In that case the Data Distribution Application Form must be filled in by you or your vendor/subvendor and sent to SIX Exfeed Ltd.

For the purpose of disseminating Information in real time respectively Delayed Information (at least 15 minutes), please print out two copies of the DDA, complete the documents and sign and return them to SIX Exfeed Ltd.

The usage of Non-Display Information requires a direct contractual relationship with SIX Exfeed Ltd. For users who have not concluded a DDA, a separate agreement for Non-Display Information Usage (NDIU) is required.

Application Form

Data Application Form
Basis for granting a DDA or a NDIU-Agreement
Application for SIX MDDX Connection
Basis for connecting SIX MDDX® environment


Data Distribution Agreement (DDA)
To be signed by vendors/subvendors of real-time and delayed data
Non-display Information Usage Agreement (NDIU)
For the usage of real-time information in Non-display and other applications
valid as of 1st June 2020
Click-on Agreement
Document where users of internet portals declare their status (professional or non-professional user)
Agreement for Historic Price Service – Tick-by-Tick Data (HPS)
Trades and quotes with original time stamp required for developing and back-testing algorithmic trading strategies
Letter of Confirmation
Allows SIX Swiss Exchange delayed Indices and/or end-of-day closing prices to be displayed
Service Agreement
Agreement for Own-Quote Display


SIX Exfeed Ltd. Fees (Addendum 4 of DDA)
Valid as of 1st January 2020
For first-rate reference data quality across the entire life cycle of a financial instrument

Additional Information

SIX Swiss Exchange Directive 6: Market Information
The use of real-time market information disseminated directly via the trading platform
New Index Offering
Overview of New Index Offering Data Packages
Index Data Packages
List of fee- and non-fee-liable SIX Swiss Exchange index packages