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News - ETF Basiswissen: Register now!



15.11.2017 Investors

ETF Basiswissen: Register now!

The third edition of the event series organized by SIX Swiss Exchange provides straightforward and comprehensible expert knowledge on ETFs.

Exchange Traded Funds are among the most popular investment instruments. Many investors use ETFs to realize long-term investment goals such as private pension plans. Their low cost, high liquidity and their simple handling make ETFs particularly versatile.

Both an entry point for ETF beginners or knowledge increase for more seasoned investors: in various presentations, each edition of "ETF Basiswissen" (in German only) provides all the basic information about ETFs as well as current trends. On Wednesday, 22 November 2017 the third edition of the successful event series will take place. The following topics will be covered:

  • Die Bausteine der Indexnachbildung - synthetischer oder physischer ETF?
    Marco Infuso, Head of Institutional Sales, ComStage ETFs
  • Währungsbesicherte ETFs - ist das nötig?
    Adrian Steiner, CAIA, Passive & ETF Specialist Sales Schweiz & Liechtenstein, UBS
  • Die Nadel im Heuhaufen - wie vergleiche ich ETFs?
    Danielle Reischuk, Senior ETF/ETP Sales Manager, SIX Swiss Exchange

The event in the SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich starts at 4pm. On our website you can register for the event. More ETF events can be found in our event calendar.

Following the "ETF Basiswissen" event, there will also be a "ETF Roundtable" for professional investors. Claudia Gabriel, editor in the economic department at NZZ, will moderate the discussion with Simon Stalder (Head of ETF and Index Investments EAM & Family Offices Switzerland, iShares), Adrian Steiner (Passive & ETF Specialist Sales Schweiz & Liechtenstein, CAIA, UBS), Levente Kulcsar (Head of ETF Sales Europe, First Trust) and Denis Meier Fehr (Head Index Sales, SIX Swiss Exchange). The event is free of charge and takes place from 5 to 6pm; it is followed by an apéro in the Swiss Finance Museum which provides ample opportunity for talks and networking.

Pursuit is also a strategy

Are you looking for a simple way to participate in the performance of entire markets? With passive ETFs listed on SIX Swiss Exchange you are certainly on the right track. We were one of the first European exchanges to launch our ETF segment and have been providing liquid and transparent trading for over 17 years. Find out more.


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