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News - J.P. Morgan ETFs are a new addition for SIX



18.04.2018 Investors

J.P. Morgan ETFs are a new addition for SIX

The ETF segment of SIX Swiss Exchange AG is constantly growing. SIX is pleased to welcome J.P. Morgan as a new issuer of ETFs.

J.P. Morgan is today bringing four ETFs to the Swiss stock exchange. Three of these are based on bonds, and one on an alternative beta strategy. This brings the number of ETFs tradable via SIX Swiss Exchange AG to 1'354. A total of 24 providers now offer their products on the Swiss stock exchange.

Two of the four J.P. Morgan products are active ETFs. This means that the portfolio manager actively monitors and optimizes the composition of the fund by buying or selling selected equities or other securities. He is therefore able to respond immediately to market trends.

There are now 14 active ETFs listed on the Swiss stock exchange. In 2017 - their fourth year of trading - active ETFs accounted for 1.2% of all ETF turnover on the Swiss stock exchange. With active ETFs, as with other ETF products, investors benefit from the advantages of on-exchange trading, such as security, transparency, continuous trading and pricing by market makers.

For more than 150 years, J.P. Morgan Asset Management has offered investment solutions for professional, institutional and private investors worldwide, with assets under management of more than USD 1.7 trillion as at end-2017. J.P. Morgan Asset Management is part of the global financial services group J.P. Morgan Chase, with branches all over the world, a global offering and wide-ranging expertise in all relevant asset classes combined with a strong local presence. Swiss clients have since 1995 been served from Zurich and Geneva.

"In developing our ETF business, we are seeking to make J.P. Morgan Asset Management's acknowledged, long-established expertise available in the ETF domain. When talking to investors, we found that there was demand for active, smart fixed-income solutions, as well as for strategies with low correlation to the broader market that can help equip portfolios to cope with rising volatility," explains Bryon Lake, Head of International ETFs at J.P. Morgan.

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