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News - March 2018: High Level of Activity



10.04.2018 Investors

March 2018: High Level of Activity

The statistical monthly report contains the latest trade and turnover figures for SIX Swiss Exchange.

March saw a high level of activity on SIX Swiss Exchange. Trading turnover was up by 1.8% on the prior month to CHF 125.9 billion, equating to an average turnover of CHF 6.0 billion per trading day. There was also an increase in the number of transactions, which climbed by 1.1% to 5'549'702.

The highest turnover on a single trading day was recorded on 16 March, which saw securities worth a total volume of CHF 10.8 billion changing hands. This was a triple witch day – usually the third Friday of the third month in the quarter – which is when futures and options expire.

ETFs Segment Accounted Second-Highest

The increase in activity evident in March was a reflection of the trend across the whole of the first quarter. Even though the corresponding period last year featured two extra trading days, trading turnover was up by 0.9% to CHF 374.5 billion, while the number of trades soared by 32.1% to 16'989'362. For the first time in the history of SIX Swiss Exchange, the ETFs segment accounted for the second-highest trading turnover over a quarter. Generating total turnover of CHF 31.6 billion, ETFs therefore came in second behind the equities including funds + ETPs segment, which posted overall turnover of CHF 301.8 billion during the first three months of 2018.

More detailed figures are available in the statistical monthly report[pdf]. Our website provides daily figures for volume and turnover.

Three IPOs Within a Week

No less than three companies brought listings to the market in a space of just four working days, which marked the highest frequency of listings on the Swiss stock exchange since 2006. The listing of ASMALLWORLD took place on the 20th of the month, followed by Sensirion on 22 and Medartis on 23 March.


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