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22.08.2017 Investors

SPI® turns 30 today

The Swiss Performance Index (SPI) was first published on 22 August 1987. The SPI marked its anniversary with a record high of 10,470.24 points.

The SPI was launched 30 years ago in order to create a transparent benchmark index for the Swiss market. As the Swiss market barometer, the index continues to reflect the performance of the Swiss equity market. In addition to measuring performance, the SPI is also used as the underlying for index-based financial products and for portfolio management activities. The SPI currently contains shares from 205 companies In order to be included in the SPI universe, the company must have its primary listing on SIX Swiss Exchange and a free-float of at least 20%.

The SPI is recalculated and published every three minutes. The SPI was initially valued at 1,000 index points on 1 June 1987, although it was first officially published on 22 August 1987. Almost thirty years later to the day, on 27 April 2017, the SPI broke through the 10,000-point barrier. The SPI achieved an all-time high of 10,470.24 points on 4 August 2017.

Source: SIX Swiss Exchange, 21.08.2017

For more information about the SPI, visit our website.

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