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23.03.2017 Investors

Successful ETF/ETP Roundtable

The latest edition of the event series of SIX Swiss Exchange for professional investors focused on real estate markets.

Passive investments in real estate were at the core of the ETF/ETP Roundtable which took place on 22 March 2017. The event held at the SIX ConventionPoint was attended by more than 50 participants from the financial and insurance industry as well as representatives of pension funds and institutional investors. They were welcomed by Danielle Mair, Senior ETFs & ETPs Sales Manager SIX Swiss Exchange, who provided an overview of the latest figures of the Swiss exchange, particularly regarding real estate funds and ETFs.

An introductory speech was given by Patrick Schnorf, Member of the Board at Wüest Partner, to enter into the subject of passive investments in real estate; he looked at the Swiss real estate market and compared historic performances of direct investments with indirect investments via ETFs. Furthermore, he pointed out the interdependencies of diversification and performance and assessed the correlation between regions within Switzerland, but also between Switzerland and other countries.

Patrick Schnorf also moderated the following podium discussion on the topic of «real estate funds and ETFs: castles in the air or performance drivers?». Heinz Tschabold, Senior Portfolio Manager Real Estate Securities (Credit Suisse), and Raimund Müller, Head UBS ETF Switzerland & Liechtenstein (UBS), discussed with Roland Fischer, Head of Lyxor ETF Switzerland & Liechtenstein (Lyxor), the investment opportunities in real estates both in Switzerland and abroad.

Current aspects such as potential interest rate hikes during the year and the possibility of overheating real estate markets were discussed in great detail. The audience gained insights into the use of active investments in real estate combined with passive investments via mandates. Finally, the panelists also provided a few personal hints, where particularly good performances from real estate investments could be expected.

«We are very happy that the numerous attendees could benefit from deep insights in investment opportunities via active and passive real estate funds», commented Danielle Mair. «Thanks to the large product range of the ETF issuers at SIX Swiss Exchange, investors enjoy a wide array of possibilities to invest in various real estate funds and ETFs.»

Expert know-how for professional investors

The latest trends and issues, market analyses and product innovations - as interactive panel discussions between market actors for institutional investors, the ETF/ETP Roundtables of SIX Swiss Exchange offer lively debates and first-hand insights. Up-to-date information regarding topics and participants will be published in our event calendar.

Pursuit is also a strategy

Are you looking for a simple way to participate in the performance of entire markets? With passive ETFs listed on SIX Swiss Exchange you are certainly on the right track. We were one of the first European exchanges to launch our ETF segment and have been providing liquid and transparent trading for over 15 years. Find out more.


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