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24.04.2017 Participants

Visualizing the benefits of SwissAtMid

A new clip explains the advantages of SIX Swiss Exchange At Midpoint, our non-displayed pool that allows execution of Swiss equities at the mid-point.

SIX Swiss Exchange at Midpoint offers all participants best execution possibilities on Swiss equities with price improvement over visible pricing on the exchange. SwissAtMid combines a non-displayed order book and the specific "Sweep" order type. To support the understanding how SwissAtMid works and how participants can enjoy its numerous benefits, SIX Swiss Exchange has produced the following clip.

Rob Cranston, Head Equity Product Management, comments: «SwissAtMid offers a new way to trade Swiss equities. We hope that our clip helps market participants to visualize the opportunities it provides to them and how easy it is to benefit of the new service.»

Providing solutions for clients looking for best execution and price improvement

SwissAtMid was successfully introduced in October 2016 and has already seen a trading volume of over CHF 1.62 billion (as of end of March 2017). It is operated in parallel to SLS, the long-standing partnership between SIX Swiss Exchange and Liquidnet. SLS offers block liquidity in a recently expanded securities universe with unrivalled average execution size and minimal market impact

If you'd like to find out more, our website provides further information on SwissAtMid and SLS.


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