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28.06.2017 Investors

Swiss Finance Museum opening in Zurich today

The history of the financial market has got its home at the new headquarter of SIX at Hard Turm Park.

There are more than 1'000 museums in Switzerland, but the Finance Museum opening in Zurich West today is the first and only one of its kind. Located in the new headquarters of SIX, the exhibition focuses on the finance sector's past, present and future, displays historic exhibits and presents interactive multimedia installations.

Key pieces from one of the world's biggest and most important collections of historical securities illustrate the development of our modern financial economy from the 16. to the 21. century. Among them you will not only encounter legendary enterprises of the era of industrialization and securities of high art historical value, but also an early share issued by the very first stock corporation.


Discover the present-day stock exchange, the capital market, the financial instruments, the monetary transactions and technical products - in an entertaining and multimedia-based way. For the first time, the original training software used to train stock traders at the Swiss stock exchange, as well as a glance into an early ATM are made publicly accessible. Touchscreen infographics inform about how national and global politics have influenced the SMI since its launch in 1988. Urs Rüegsegger, Group CEO of SIX, Patrizia Laeri, economy editor at SRF and Stefan Pierer, CEO of KTM AG offer a glimpse of their view of the stock exchange's near future.

This year's special exhibition «Berühmt - Aus der Sammlung des Finanzmuseums» («Famous - From the Collection of the Swiss Finance Museum») presents securities signed by well-known personalities from world history. The Swiss Finance Museum proudly presents John D. Rockefeller, Maria Theresia, Charlie Chaplin and many other celebrities.

You can book the Finance Museum for a guided tour, your apéro or other events.

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