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05.07.2017 Investors

Addition to the SXI Real Estate® index family

SIX Swiss Exchange launches SXI Real Estate All Shares Index to meet a broad market need.

With the introduction of the SXI Real Estate All Shares Index and an accompanying harmonization of the existing Real Estate Indices the Swiss stock exchange is increasing the granularity for investors in the real estate segment.

In order to harmonize the existing offering, the methodology of the existing SXI Real Estate Shares Index will be aligned to the SXI Real Estate Funds Index rules, in that it only contains securities which have at least 75% of their assets invested in Switzerland. This change ensures consistent measurement of the Swiss real estate market and meets the needs of many market participants. The amendment will take effect on 18 September 2017. The first part of this harmonization, changing the name of the existing SXI Real Estate indices, has already been carried out.

Previous index nameNew index name
SXI Real EstateSXI Real Estate Broad
SXI Real Estate SharesSXI Real Estate Shares Broad
SXI Real Estate FundsSXI Real Estate Funds Broad

The second part is taking place with the launch of the SXI Real Estate All Shares Index as of 4 July 2017. This new index covers all real estate equities listed on SIX Swiss Exchange, regardless of the geographical diversification of their investments. The following chart provides an overview of the new structure of the SXI Real Estate index family.

SXI Real Estate® Indices

Benchmarks for the Swiss market

The SMI, the most important equity index in Switzerland, is part of the SIX Swiss Exchange offering. But the Swiss stock exchange also offers other important equity and bond indices as well as various strategy indices under the SMI Indices label.

SMI Indices are attractive benchmarks for the Swiss market and are used both as underlyings for index-based products, such as ETFs, fund solutions and Structured Products, and for activities in the portfolio management process. In addition to its own indices, SIX Swiss Exchange also develops individual index solutions.

Further information on the index offering of SIX Swiss Exchange can be found on our website.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Business Support.

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