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SIX Swiss Exchange Messages

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20/202003.06.2020 New fee promotions and adjustments to trading fees in the equity market from 1 July 2020
19/202028.05.2020 Jump Trading Europe B.V. - Commencement of trading on SIX Swiss Exchange
18/202025.05.2020 Changes to Price Step Group as of 2 June 2020
17/202022.05.2020 Ronin Trading Europe LLP
16/202019.05.2020 SWXess Maintenance Release SMR8.2 (SMR8.2) Publication of trading regulations
15/202006.05.2020 SWXess Maintenance Release 9 (SMR9) Announcement
14/202030.04.2020 SIX to outsource its Microsoft Exchange e-mail infrastructure into the Microsoft cloud
13/202024.04.2020 Changes to Price Step Group / Stop Trading Range as of 4 May 2020
12/202023.04.2020 IMC Trading B.V.
11/202023.04.2020 Natixis S.A.
10/202020.04.2020 SWXess Maintenance Release 8.2 (SMR8.2) Start of Membertest Phase
09/202031.03.2020 SMR8.1 Reminder for end of parallel phase for Transaction Reporting in Swiss Format by 31 May 2020
08/202025.03.2020 Changes to Price Step Group as of 1 April 2020
07/202017.03.2020 Temporary change of stop trading category in structured products
06/202005.03.2020 Implementation of Changes Regarding Tick Sizes - Equity Market
05/202024.02.2020 Changes to Price Step Group / Stop Trading Range as of 2 March 2020
04/202003.02.2020 Adjustment to the Maximum Order Value for Mid-/Small-Cap Shares as of 1 March 2020
03/202029.01.2020 SWXess Maintenance Release 8.2 (SMR8.2) Publication of the SMR8.2 Participant Readiness Brochure
02/202024.01.2020 Changes to Price Step Group as of 3 February 2020
01/202014.01.2020 Changes to Price Step Group as of 21 January 2020 - Equity market