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SIX Exfeed Ltd Messages

24/201313.12.2013Interruption of SMF data dissemination
23/201313.12.2013Dissemination of SMF trade data available again
22/201313.12.2013Scheduled restart of SMF System
21/201313.12.2013SMF without today’s trade data
20/201313.12.2013Swiss Indices not yet available
19/201304.12.2013Interruption of Swiss Reference Rates solved
18/201302.12.2013Scoach Switzerland Ltd becomes SIX Structured Products Exchange
17/201322.11.2013Exchange Holidays between Christmas and New Year
16/201305.11.2013Correction for SXI Real Estate indices
15/201325.10.2013Update on «Changes in Data Access Policy for SIX Swiss Exchange Indices»
14/201314.10.2013Mistrades at BX Berne Exchange
13/201312.09.2013Incorrect Reference Prices on the SMF
12/201319.08.2013Change in Trading Segments for 2 Equities as of 23 Sept. 2013
11/201319.07.2013Historic Price Service - Tick Data available as of 22 July 2013
10/201311.07.2013Corrections of some SPI sector indices (01.07.- 02.07.2013)
09/201301.07.2013Changes in Data Access Policy for SIX Swiss Exchange Indices
08/201312.06.2013Mistrade at BX Berne Exchange
07/201308.04.2013SMF Changes regarding Swiss Fund Data
06/201328.03.2013Problem with third party content SOLVED
05/201328.03.2013Problem with third party content
04/201318.03.2013Exchange Holidays between Easter and National Holiday
03/201322.02.2013New Trading Segment «Sponsored Funds» to be added to the SMF - FOLLOW-UP
02/201308.02.2013Two SMF Changes regarding CONNEXOR and Swiss Fund Data
01/201304.02.2013New Trading Segment «Sponsored Funds» to be added to the SMF