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Static Data

In the case of static data, please use the Clearing and Settlement Standing Instructions (CSSI) form to inform us about the following:

  • the central counterparties (CCP) and central securities depository (CSD)
  • changes to settlement or clearing data

The contents of this form relate to detailed clearing and settlement data. They will be forwarded to the relevant service partner.

A period of five days should be allowed for any changes to CSSI data.


Clearing & SettlementDownload
Clearing & Settlement Standing Instructions (CSSI) - SIX x-clear
Clearing & Settlement Standing Instructions (CSSI) - LCH
Clearing & Settlement Standing Instructions (CSSI) - EuroCCP
Registration as a Recognised Intermediary
Suspension of a Non Clearing Member (NCM) by the General Clearing Member (GCM)
Power of Attorney LCH
Power of Attorney EuroCCP
Application for Clearing Prevention