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Co-location: the fastest connection to our exchange

Co-location services of SIX Swiss Exchange offer participants many advantages: faster execution, trading irrespective of distance, customizable infrastructure and choice of preferred supplier, cost efficiency and fast on-boarding.

With a co-location access, participants can reduce latency for equity trading to just 14 microseconds and fully enjoy the outstanding performance of the X-stream INET trading technology. SIX Swiss Exchange offers co-location services in partnership with Equinix.

By installing their technical equipment in the Equinix data center in Zurich next to the SWXess trading engine, all participants can enjoy the same superior latency regardless of their geographical location. more

Designed to meet your requirements

The state of the art co-location area supports a wide range of rack specifications as well as power and cooling requirements. The simplified network access and infrastructure not only reduce complexity and operating costs, but also result in highest availability.

SIX Swiss Exchange uses direct low-latency industry standard interfaces for trading, quoting and market data on its two separate partitions for order and quote-driven securities. "OUCH Trading Interface" (OTI), "Quote Trading Interface" (QTI) and "ITCH Market Data Interface" (IMI) deliver maximum throughput and lowest latency.

With a wide range of interfaces and connectivity options including an Access Point service[pdf] to access the SWXess trading platform, participants can select the type of connectivity depending on their business model requirements. For more information on choosing the suitable connectivity type, please consult our Connectivity Selection[pdf].

Our website also provides a list of all our Service Providers and Co-location Service Providers. On-site advice and support from our specialists ensure your fast and flexible connection to our high-performance trading platform.

If you want to take advantage of our co-location service, please contact us.