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Institutions interested in membership can obtain the following membership application forms from SIX Swiss Exchange. There are also documents and forms to help existing participants manage their membership.

Application Forms Download
SIX Swiss Exchange Participation
General Clearing Member
Market Maker / Liquidity Provider on SIX Swiss Exchange
Application for Swiss EBBO Liquidity Provider
Reporting Members
Application Service Provider
Infrastructure Service Provider
Independent Software Vendor - Application Form
Independent Software Vendor - Resignation Form
SFTP Service via FTS-Gateway - Application Form

Capacity / Configuration (STI/IMI/OTI/QTI) Download
PartyID and SenderCompID Configuration
Application for SWXess User Configurations
Change of Connectivity or Application Service Provider (ASP)
Reallocation of Capacity
Application for Exclusive Market Maker ID / Exclusive Liquidity Provider ID

Clearing & SettlementDownload
Clearing & Settlement Standing Instructions (CSSI) - SIX x-clear
Clearing & Settlement Standing Instructions (CSSI) - LCH
Clearing & Settlement Standing Instructions (CSSI) - EuroCCP
Registration as a Recognised Intermediary
Suspension of a Non Clearing Member (NCM) by the General Clearing Member (GCM)
Power of Attorney LCH
Power of Attorney EuroCCP
Application for Clearing Prevention

Sponsored AccessDownload
Sponsored Access - Application Form
Sponsored Access - Configuration Form
Sponsored Access - Resignation Form
Sponsored Access - Modification Form (on behalf)

Registration of Traders / Reporting Agents Download
Trader registration and modification
Trader Declaration of personal reliability
Reporting Agent registration and modification
Reporting Agent Declaration of personal reliability

Audits of Participants Link
Information on the audit of participants is available on the Website of SIX Exchange Regulation.

FINMA Application Forms for Authorization as a Remote Member Download
Template for regulated companies

Connectivity FormsDownload
Initial Line Order Form
Connectivity Parameter Form - Access Point Service
Connectivity Parameter Form - Co-Location Access
Connectivity Parameter Form - Optical Link
Connectivity Parameter Form - Internet
Connectivity Parameter Form - Ethernet Services
Connectivity Parameter Form - Managed IP Services BT Radianz
Connectivity Parameter Form - Managed IP Services DBAG
Connectivity Parameter Form - Managed IP Services Swisscom - Verizon
Connectivity Order & Parameter Form - SIX Managed Proximity Service
Connectivity Cancellation Form

Administrative Forms Link
IT Member Section - Request for New Group Account and Master User
New IT Contact Person for Member Support Center