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Member Support Center

Structure of the Member Support Center

The Member Support Center comprises the geographically separated Local Support Centers in Zurich, Geneva and London, and a documentation team.

Tasks of the Local Support Centers

The main task of the Local Support Centers is to provide participants with technical support. They provide support on SIX Swiss Exchange's entire range of trading and reporting products.

  • Support
    The Local Support Centers supports the participants' development departments solving problems with application programming interfaces (APIs) and connecting their trading and reporting systems to SIX Swiss Exchange.
  • Assistance
    The Local Support Centers runs product helpdesks for technical problems and faults. It processes error reports and change requests, analysing and forwarding them.
  • Participant representation
    The Local Support Centers represents participants' interests on SIX Swiss Exchange's internal planning committees.

Technical Documentation's tasks

The documentation team looks after the following tasks:

  • It produces technical documentation on the products offered by SIX Swiss Exchange and provides these to members. The documentation includes administration, reference and user manuals, online help and technical factsheets.
  • It produces technical publications.
  • It maintains the Internet Member Section.
  • It informs participants about important events, disruptions and changes.